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This award recognises the work of one outstanding speech-language therapy student, from each of the NZSTA-accredited university programmes, in their final year of study.

A textbook or clinical resource of their choice, up to a maximum of $250. This will be purchased by the NZSTA at the winner’s request.

Only one nomination from each university will be considered, and these must be made to the administrator by end of February each year. 


Recipients for the 2022 year, awarded in 2023, were:

  • Massey University – Ashleigh Monsen
  • University of Auckland – Tyrah Langton-Fidow
  • University of Canterbury – Renee Ung

Application and Eligibility

(1) Member of NZSTA
(2) Achieves excellence in all areas of clinical practice in the final year of study
(3) Demonstrates significant improvement in clinical skills throughout the course of

The head of programme of each NZSTA-accredited university programme will nominate one student, in writing, to the administrator by February 1st each year.

The winners of the Student Achievement Award will be endorsed by the NZSTA Board and announced at the NZSTA AGM each year.

Following endorsement by the NZSTA Board, the professional development portfolio holder will inform the winners (in writing) that they have been granted the award.

The winners will be asked to select their prize (specific textbook or clinical resource). Where possible, this will be purchased before AGM and presented to the winners when the awards are announced.

Award Recipients of Previous Years

Recipients for the 2021 year, awarded in 2022, were:

  • Massey University – Emily Edgecombe
  • University of Auckland – Danielle Mather
  • University of Canterbury – Jessica Eagle

Recipients for the 2020 year, awarded in 2021, were:

  • Massey University – Hannah Vautier
  • University of Auckland – Jemma Horne
  • University of Canterbury – Emma Barbafiera

Recipients for the 2019 year, awarded in 2020, were:

  • Massey University – Brianna Oosterbroek
  • University of Auckland – Jessica Scott
  • University of Canterbury – Helena Sincock

Recipients for the 2018 year, awarded in 2019, were:

  • Massey University – Antonia Alger
  • University of Auckland – Nadia Mantell
  • University of Canterbury – Charis Siow

Recipients for the 2017 year, awarded in 2018, were:

  • Massey University – Ellen Fallow
  • University of Auckland – Jane Vogels
  • University of Canterbury – Olivia Rozbicki

Recipients for the 2016 year, awarded in 2017, were:

  • Massey University – Beth Laurenson
  • The University of Auckland – Lauren Morrison
  • University of Canterbury – Emma Hoekstra

Recipients for the 2015 year, awarded in 2016, were:

  • Massey University – Simonne Edwards
  • The University of Auckland – Imogen McLeod
  • University of Canterbury – Elsye Andrews

Recipients for the 2014 year, awarded in 2015, were:

  • Massey University – Ruth Pologa
  • The University of Auckland – Dhruti Morar
  • University of Canterbury – Ruth Price

Recipients for the 2013 year, awarded in 2014, were:

  • Massey University – Macarena Franco
  • The University of Auckland – Rosalinda Wong
  • University of Canterbury – Jessica Hunter-Wilson