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The NZSTA offers funding grants to members seeking to develop or complete clinical or professional knowledge, study or research that will benefit the NZSTA or the speech-language therapy profession. 

Value: Up to $1,500

Application and Eligibility

Applicants must be current members of the NZSTA and must have been a member for at least the two previous membership years. 

Factors Considered in Decision-Making:

  1. Relevance to the speech-language therapy profession in New Zealand, in particular, including likely contribution to the evidence-based practice of New Zealand speech-language therapists.
  2. Contribution to the body of knowledge in a distinctive or significant way.
  3. Applicant’s history of active participation in or contribution to the NZSTA or speech-language therapy in New Zealand.
  4. Applicant’s history of disseminating knowledge to SLTs and therapy stakeholders. 
  5. Record of recent funding from the NZSTA.   Members are limited to one successful Funding Grant every three years. 
  6. Applicant’s plan to disseminate the knowledge gained as a result of the research.

If the funding grant is for research:

  • Commitment to presenting findings at NZSTA professional development events.
  • The likelihood that the research can be completed within 18 months of the funding being granted.

If the funding grant is for a course/conference attendance:

  • Whether the applicant will be presenting at the course or conference.

Applications should be made in writing by 5 pm on 30 June annually and sent to the NZSTA administrator using the attached application form. The NZSTA Board will determine the winner(s) of the NZSTA Funding Grant.

Download Application Form

Award Recipients of Previous Years

Recipients for 2021 year: Rosemary Dwyer, Patty Govender, Estelle Pretorius & Philippa Friary

Recipients for 2020 year: Awarded to Shannon Hennig and Jennifer Lyons & Laura Fuller in 2021

Recipients for the 2019 year: Awarded to Mel Street and Vanessa Parmar in 2020

Recipients for the 2018 year: Awarded to Lise Bakker, Esther Hoh and Shauna Pali in 2019

Recipient for the 2017 year: Awarded to Selena Donaldson in 2018

Recipients for the 2016 year: Awarded to Kate Cook and Voon Pang in 2017

Recipients for the 2015 year: Awarded to Anna Miles and Beth Rees in 2016

Recipients for the 2014 year: awarded to Jane Musgrave and Janelle Irvine in 2015

Recipients for the 2013 year: awarded to Selena Donaldson and Caralyn Purvis in 2014