We welcome all speech-language therapists and undergraduate students to the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association.


All students enrolled in accredited New Zealand programmes are warmly invited to join the NZSTA.

You must provide proof of your university programme and location. Membership is free for students for the duration of study to complete your accredited course.
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New Graduate

Newly qualified speech-language therapists (from an NZSTA-accredited programme or those with qualifications approved by the NZSTA) are required to complete the new graduate requirements.
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New Zealand Trained

All graduates of New Zealand accredited programmes are warmly invited to join the NZSTA

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Returning to Practice

It is great to see you back.  Speech-language therapists who have in the past been eligible for NZSTA membership but have not practised for three or more years are required to complete a Return to Practice (RTP) programme to ensure high standards are maintained. 

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Mutual Recognition Agreement

Individuals who hold certification or full membership and were trained under an accredited speech-language pathology/speech-language therapy programme by ASHA, SAC, SPA or RCSLT, or a full member of IASLT may meet the eligibility criteria to apply for membership under the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).

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Qualified Overseas - not MRA

If you trained outside New Zealand but do not meet the criteria of the mutual recognition agreement, you will need to have your qualifications approved.

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Requirements for member applications