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The NZSTA is the national professional self-regulatory body of speech-language therapists in New Zealand. The NZSTA offers an internationally accepted standard of regulation similar to that seen internationally and in other professions in New Zealand.

The NZSTA is only as strong as its members. Join us today to support the vital work advocating and promoting speech-language therapy, and to be eligible for the support and benefits we can provide you.

To apply for NZSTA membership please download the membership application form and email with your supporting documentation to the Admin office.

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Mutual Recognition Agreement

Qualification Approval


6 April 2022
Mutual Recognition Agreement and the Qualifications Approval Process

The NZSTA Board is implementing a short moratorium on the fees required for NZSTA membership application pathways via the mutual recognition agreement (MRA) or the qualifications approval pathway (QA).

These two membership pathways impact potential members who have trained overseas.

Applicants for NZSTA membership must follow the full application instructions, provide the identified evidence and pay the membership sub for the category of membership they are applying for.

The temporary suspension of the processing fees will take place from today and will end on 31 May 2022 at 5 pm.

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