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Recognises individuals and organisations who go the extra mile when supporting someone with feeding and swallowing difficulties. 

The NZSTA and the Minister of Disability Issues present this award.

Nominations for the Mealtimes Matter Award will be called for annually in September and close on 31 October.

Selection criteria

  1. The nominee is an individual or a group/organisation that supports someone receiving a modified diet and/or with feeding and swallowing difficulties.
  2. The nominee will demonstrate going the extra mile to make mealtimes enjoyable in one or more of the following areas:
  • Thinking outside the box to make mealtimes and/or modified food & drinks appealing.
  • Being flexible at mealtimes to ensure safety but also satisfaction.
  • Being creative with the presentation of modified food & drinks.
  • Helping to increase the awareness of the importance of modified food & drinks within their community (family/care facility/club).
  • Sharing modified food & drink recipe ideas with others.


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