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The Emerging Practitioner Award for Research - Professor Sir Donald Beaven Memorial Award recognises research excellence.

The initial Sir Don Beaven Award and Research Excellence Award have been merged into this new award.


Professor Sir Don Beaven strongly supported and advocated for our profession.  It is designed to support therapists undertaking postgraduate study. 

Born in Christchurch and educated at Christ’s College, Sir Don studied medicine at Otago University and became an internationally respected and honoured teacher and researcher. Although Sir Don was world-renowned for his untiring advocacy and support for people with diabetes, he was also an ardent supporter of the speech-language therapy profession. Sir Don was passionate about the development and rehabilitation of communication skills. He also strongly advocated for developing the University of Canterbury Bachelor of Speech-language Therapy programme.

Sir Don continued to support the programme long after its establishment through regular visits, participation in Departmental seminars and mentorship of staff and students. This award honours Sir Don’s contribution to speech-language therapy in New Zealand.

Funded by Stella Ward

Value: $1000


Selection Criteria

  1. The nominee is a current registered NZSTA member.
  2. The nominee has completed a substantial research project in New Zealand relevant to speech-language therapy within three years of graduating as a speech-language therapist. 
  3. The senior supervisor of the post-graduate research project endorses the nomination.
  4. The nominee will demonstrate emerging research excellence and commitment beyond what is expected of someone early in their career. 
  5. The nominee’s research will focus on translating knowledge into practice that will positively impact speech-language therapy delivery.


The emerging excellence in the area(s) above will be outlined in the attached document. Please include the following information:

  1. How did the nominee demonstrate emerging research excellence?
  2. Over what period of time did this occur?
  3. How does their achievement demonstrate excellence and commitment beyond what is expected early in their career?
  4. Does their achievement have broad implications/potential for the future? (e.g., for students, for practising SLTs, for other allied health professions)
  5. Has the achievement been published/documented for use by the profession?

  Applications close at 5pm on 30 June annually.

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Award Recipients from Previous Years

  • 2023: Robyn Gibson
  • 2022: Awarded to Elizabeth Cross
  • 2021: Awarded to Catherine Sivertsen Campbell and Robyn Gibson
  • 2020: Awarded to Marie Jardine 
  • No applications received in 2019
  • 2018: Awarded to Lucy Sparshott 
  • 2017: Awarded to Sarah Pitcher 
  • 2016: Awarded to Jessamy Amm 
  • 2015: Awarded to Sarah Davies 

  • 2021: Awarded to Amanda White 
  • 2020: Awarded to Bianca Jackson 

No applications received in 2019

  •  2018: Awarded to Marie Jardine 
  • 2017: Awarded to Gwen Lake 
  • 2016: Awarded to Ellen Faithfull 
  •  2015: awarded to Molly Kallesen 
  • 2014: awarded to Anna Miles