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The Grace Gane Memorial Lecture takes place at the biennial NZSTA conference.  

Background to the Award:

Grace Gane was one of the founders of speech-language therapy in New Zealand.

The inaugural Grace Gane Memorial Lecture was presented in 2008 by Associate Professor Margaret Maclagan in recognition of her contributions to the education of speech-language therapy students for over 20 years.

 Image:  Suzanne Purdy delivers Grace Gane Lecture in 2019


The conference planning committee (CPC) will nominate two speakers to the NZSTA board in July of the year before the conference. The CPC will provide a rationale for their nominations. The NZSTA board will decide by the end of September of that year and inform the CPC.

The professional development portfolio holder will invite the nominee (in writing) to present the Grace Gane Memorial Lecture.

Upon confirmation of the speaker, the professional development portfolio holder will contact representatives of the Gane family and invite them to be present for the Memorial Lecture and to present the award to the speaker.

The presenter of the Grace Gane Memorial Lecture will provide an abstract of their presentation to the CPC, which will be published in conference promotional material.

Following the lecture, a written copy of the presentation will be submitted to NZSTA for publication in an appropriate forum (e.g. conference proceedings, NZJSLT, Communication Matters).

Criteria for selection:
  1. An individual who has made a significant contribution to speech-language therapy in New Zealand and/or internationally through teaching, promotion of the profession, research or clinical advancements.
  2. The individual does not need to be a speech-language therapist, but the nominating committee must specify the person's contributions to the profession. Supporting material may be provided if appropriate.