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New Zealand university programmes offering speech-language therapy degrees with professional entry programmes are listed below, including their accreditation classification and current accreditation term.

Accreditation ensures that New Zealand speech-language therapists participate in world-class academic and clinical education programmes.

Accreditation standards are specified within the NZSTA Programme Accreditation Framework to ensure that all provider institutions offering speech-language therapy education programmes meet the same standards and are substantially equivalent.

All programmes, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, are assessed the same way, using the same criteria. 

Accredited New Zealand Universities:



*Provisional Accreditation is awarded when the NZSTA Board finds, based on the accreditation panel’s report, that the assessments, currency, and scope of Programme content (as reflected in subject outlines and topics) do not yet adequately demonstrate that the Programme fulfils the accreditation criteria, but that there are a limited number of changes which need to be made to reach those criteria. The NZSTA will indicate which specified conditions must be met to allow full accreditation to be awarded. When provisional accreditation is granted, the NZSTA Board sets a date within 12 months of the initial provisional accreditation award by which specified conditions must be met. If the Programme fails to comply with the specified requirements within those 12 months, it will be deemed ‘not accredited’.


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