Understanding typical movement workshop (TMW) for Paediatric Therapists

12:00 AM


This two-day course is designed to introduce participants to the concept of movement analysis in the assessment and treatment of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Venue: Independent Living Centre 14 Erson Ave Royal Oak 1061

Tutors: Members of NZBA Tutors Group

Participants will be able to describe key components relating to the analysis of postures and movement sequences and learn how to facilitate movement with the opportunity to practice handling skills. This is a practical course with the focus on therapists developing their skills of observation of posture and movement, with the practice of facilitation of normal movement. The workshop forms one of several modules that contribute to gaining certification on the NZBA Modular Paediatric Foundation Course.

Course Aims:

  • To present a framework for systematic analysis of typical patterns of posture and movement and recognise the variability of these.
  • To demonstrate how course participants can use their hands, body and voice to facilitate another individual to move and recognise what resultant changes have occurred.

Course Fees:

NZBA members: $650.00 incl GST

Non members: $750.00 incl GST

Maximum number of participants: 24

Moving and Handling Statement: Participants will be involved in moving and handling during the practical components of the course. These skills cannot be learned by observation alone and provide an essential aspect of understanding what movement strategies a child is using. The importance of health and safety issues with regard to personal risk assessment will be emphasised. NZBA recognises that it is essential to have an awareness of the current safety issues in moving and handling and how this relates to current legislation. Please ensure you are responsible for your health and safety on the course. You must notify the tutors of any risks to your person prior to the course and any moving and handling activity.

To Register: Please contact anne@neurorehabsouth.co.nz for an Application Form. An invoice will be sent with bank details. Places on the course are only guaranteed on receipt of full payment.