Paediatric Cervical Auscultation Course

All Day



This is a 2 day in person course on cervical auscultation, for paediatrics, with hands on training to understand and use this tool as part of your clinical swallow evaluations. The presenters are well known SLTs and academics in Australia and are passionate about teaching this course to paediatric SLTs, especially to those who live and work in remote areas, far away from instrumental assessments, e.g. FEES and VFSS.

This would be a great course for those working in special schools, private practice, ACC providers as well as those in health both acute and community.

The link to register is Pay for Speech Language Therapy Clinic services - Massey University  

Payment is due by the 31st of July - we will not go ahead without 30 so if you pay and we don’t have enough people, this will be refunded.

Any questions please email Emily Jones- or Celia Butler-