ONLINE: Assessing and Facilitating Sentence Diversity in Early Language Intervention

11:00 AM
2:30 PM


Online Event

24th of June (1 session running from 11.00am-2.30pm NZST).
Please note this is a “live” event and will not be recorded for later viewing.

This online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event is intended for Speech-Language Therapists/Speech Pathologists working in early intervention with a clinical focus on language intervention. Assessment and treatment principles will focus on the transition from words to the production of diverse sentences for children aged between 24-42 months of age.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe developmental accomplishments related to each step of the sentence-focused framework.
  • Summarize how parent report, language sampling, and structured protocols can be used to assess and periodically monitor growth in verb diversity and subject diversity.
  • Explain the rationale and empirical support for “toy talk” instruction as an approach for modifyingproperties of caregiver and clinician language input to promote children’s sentence diversity.
  • Identify uses of toy talk in parent-child interaction as well as missed opportunities for feedback as part of parent coaching

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