Speech pathologist – Kingston, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

15 Mar
As a speech pathologist, getting to a position where you really make an impact takes years, if not decades. But what if you could become an expert in only a few years? Well Spoken offers this, and guarantees a career-transforming opportunity while you can focus on transforming your patients’ lives.

Our goal is to make you a key figure in upper airway health. We want you to become one of the top 1% in speech pathology and surpass your mentor.

If you’re passionate about helping people solve their communication problems, Well Spoken is the place for you. We put high value on outcomes – our primary purpose is helping our patients succeed. For the speech pathology team, our primary focus is on learning and professional development, where you will: Have a direct impact on improving your patient’s quality of life.

  • Learn from highly regarded practitioners so you develop your skills at a lightning pace.
  • Have daily mentoring sessions from an international expert.
  • Get one-on-one training in cutting edge emerging field of medicine and the latest screening techniques.
  • Outperform your peers by years.

We’re going to hone your skills and nurture your career as a speech pathologist.

We’re going to make you an industry expert.


Well Spoken is a small well-established progressive speech pathology practice in Canberra. We work with the transdisciplinary team for the Canberra Sleep Clinic. The Care factor means a lot to us. We care about our team and our patients. We hire people who care too.

While other clinics focus on patient numbers and statistics, we cap daily clinical hours to put emphasis on mentoring. Every day, you’ll speak with our director and principal speech pathologist (Sharon Moore) about your cases. The next day, you’ll implement what you’ve learned creating a steep learning curve. Well Spoken is a unique clinic in Australia, offering this level of nurturing and clinical support.


Well Spoken is the only clinic in Australia that manages the full range of upper airway disorders, especially those that impact nighttime breathing and sleep. We screen and identify sleep disordered breathing that would otherwise go unnoticed. Then kick start the referral process so our patients get the treatment they need as early as possible.

Aside from the general speech pathology caseload, we focus on the upper airway. The upper airway is like Central Station – for breathing, swallowing, chewing, speech, voice, resonance and breathing during sleep. So when things go wrong e.g. sleep disordered breathing (including obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring), we are part of the treatment team.

The World Health Organisation classifies sleep problems as a growing global epidemic affecting up to 40% of the population. Our research, screening and clinical practice is at the cutting edge. We use validated tools, and have developed our own screening assessments and treatment processes to manage patients’ needs in this emerging medical field and in our work with the Canberra Sleep Clinic.



This position is suitable for both mature and early-career speech pathologists with a couple of years of foundation clinical work under their belt. We’re exclusively looking for someone dedicated to the field. In particular, someone who wants a long and successful career as a speech pathologist. We only choose people who truly care.

Skills required:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology
  • Professional membership with Speech Pathology Australia
  • Minimum 2 years experience, desirable
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Well Spoken is at the front line of an emerging medical field. We’re going to train you to become a national and international leading figure in upper airway problems.



If you’re ready to take control of your career and become that leading speech pathologist, this is an unmissable opportunity. Well Spoken offers:

  • A chance to become an expert in upper airway health in a few short years.
  • Develop new skills and expertise that you thought could otherwise be inaccessible.
  • A career fast-track into the top 1%.
  • An opportunity to make a name for yourself in an emerging medical field.
  • Daily mentoring from leading speech pathologist and author Sharon Moore.
  • A professional, yet fun, flexible working environment where patient care and results always come FIRST.
  • An EXCELLENT base salary.
  • Part time, full-time options and sabbatical arrangement will be considered
  • Career progression is available
  • Beautiful office in a modern working space located in Kingston (home to trendy Modern Australian eateries in the Foreshore’s contemporary waterfront buildings. Plus a mix of old-school restaurants and laid-back pubs. Nearby, paths follow the shore of Lake Burley Griffin)

Applicants to send their CVs to tanya@wellspoken.com.au or apply through Workable on this link https://well-spoken.workable.com/j/98B96AE45F?viewed=true

We encourage New Zealand Residents/Citizens to apply. 

Applications will close April 12.