NZSTA 2019 Engaging, Collaborating, Empowering at a Community Level

18 Apr

4 July 2019
Toitu Poneke Community & Sports Centre, Wellington

Emma Quigan, Talking Matters

Talking Matters is a campaign to put early talk at the top of the agenda for child well being, health and education, exploring ecological approaches to building community capability in order to increase language learning in the home. This community based model harnesses the power of whānau to whānau transmission of knowledge. Teams are led by community members, based in local centres, supported by Speech-language therapists.

This workshop will focus on the importance of encouraging talk and interaction with babies, using whānau coaching, and will demonstrate how all facets of the community have a role. We will explore how growing the educational capacity of the whole community can result in better outcomes for all, drawing on lessons learnt from projects that are occurring in communities across Aotearoa.

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