New Zealand Speech-language Therapy Awareness Week of Connection 2020

26 Aug

Don’t be isolated in isolation – Giving Voice to those most challenged during COVID-19

While COVID-19 has highlighted the importance for us to connect and communicate regularly, for those New Zealanders (an estimated 400,000 people) living with a communication disability, the sudden need to adapt to new ways of communicating and connecting during the lockdown added an extra level of strain to them and their whānau.

This year’s New Zealand Speech-language Therapy Awareness Week of Connection runs from September 7-13 2020.

Annette Rotherham, President of New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association says “Being able to communicate is essential for all relationships. The risk of social isolation is increased for all those with a communication disability and we (speech-language therapists) are very conscious of this during the lockdown period”.

Speech-language therapists help people with communication disorders meet their potential and get connected and stay connected with their friends and whānau.  This is critical now more than ever, as the mental health implications of isolation are affecting thousands of kiwis.

“Having successful communication experiences allows people to take part, be confident and live a more fulfilled life.  Being able to communicate, and being heard, supports self-esteem – without it, people can withdraw, and this sometimes results in social, psychological, health, mental health, and economic issues.” Annette Rotherham says. When we all connect, we thrive.

Get connected, Be connected, Stay connected

New Zealand Speech-language Therapy Awareness

Week of Connection September 7-13 2020


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