Benefits of NZSTA Membership

Keeping you Informed

  • Monthly e-mail updates containing what’s new, upcoming events, important dates and information
  • Clinical Issue – a new knowledge-sharing initiative
  • Access to information on upcoming conferences, seminars and workshops nationally and internationally
  • The NZSTA quarterly newsletter, Communication Matters – you can select whether you receive a hard copy or a link to it on-line as part of your subscription.  See Publications
  • The annual peer reviewed New Zealand Journal of Speech-language Therapy – you can select whether you receive a hard copy or a link to it as part of your subscription.
  • Access to special interest groups which offer valuable support and professional development opportunities.
  • Access to a network of SLTs through online forums and area meetings.
  • Access to copyright material at a reasonable rate for professional development purposes, in accordance with the NZSTA’s exclusive agreement with Copyright Licensing Limited.

Recognising and Encouraging Excellence

  • Heavily discounted member rates for professional development events, including workshops, seminars, teleconferences and podcasts.
  • Heavily discounted registration for the NZSTA Biennial Conference and in alternate years the NZSTA Professional Development Seminar.
  • The opportunity to apply for the NZSTA awards and funding grants. These offer financial support to attend conferences or workshops and assistance to undertake research either nationally or internationally.

Exclusive on-line Resources

  • Access to the NZSTA website ‘members area’ with resources available to download.
  • Access to the website discussion forums.


  • The opportunity to contribute to your profession through area meetings, working groups, consultation groups, and clinical issue of the month.
  • The opportunity to share your experience, knowledge and skills with members in a supportive environment by presenting at an area meeting or at a professional development event.
  • The opportunity, support and encouragement to get research published and/or present it.

Additional Benefits for Registered Members

As a register member of the NZSTA you are also able to:

  • Apply under the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) that NZSTA signed in 2008 (updated 2017) with Speech Pathology Australia (SPA), RCSLT, ASHA, IASLT and CASLPA. The MRA is an agreement which allows members of signatory associations to apply for mutual recognition of their credentials from another signatory association. (note: In order to demonstrate that you are in “good standing” with the NZSTA, you must have been a register member for at least one year immediately prior to applying).
  • Use the letters MNZSTA after your name to recognise your membership status of your professional Association.
  • Stand for election to area representative and governance roles within NZSTA.

Additional Benefits for Student Members

As a student member the following benefits are also available to you:

  • Free membership for first time student members, for their year of membership. (Expires 31 December of year joined)
  • Student representatives in each New Zealand university training programme. Networks are being developed by your representatives with the other programmes.
  • Being part of your professional association as the first step on the pathway to becoming a registered member of the NZSTA.
  • Eligibility for nomination for the student achievement award – presented to one student from each New Zealand training programme.
  • For post graduate students, eligibility to apply for the Research Excellence Award.

Once you graduate and become a registered member – new graduate of the Association you will receive mentorship while you gain experience before progressing to a registered member.

Once you become a registered member of the NZSTA you will have access to the Mutual Recognition Agreement. This enables members of signatory associations (e.g., NZSTA) to apply for mutual recognition of their credentials from the other signatory associations – currently Speech Pathology Australia, the RCSLT, CASLPA, ASHA, and the Irish Association of SLTs. Put simply, it is a time and cost effective way of becoming a member of the overseas Associations.