International Communication Project

The International Communication Project is built on the premise that communication is vital to participation in life; but is largely ignored as a disability. The World Health Organization’s World Report on Disability estimates that roughly one billion people around the world are living with some form of disability; however, even the authors of the report acknowledge that people with communication disabilities may not be included in this estimate, despite encountering significant difficulties in their daily lives.

The International Communication Project aims to bring international attention to the importance of communication and people with communication disorders. The initiative involves more than a dozen organizations, entities, and international bodies worldwide. The International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP), of which NZSTA is one of the founding associations of [*], is an ICP participating organisation.

ICP say “The more people who get involved in the International Communication Project, the greater its impact will be! Please help spread the message in your community, your nation and through your social media contacts across the globe.


For your information we have attached a variety of ICP resources and ways to get involved below.

Be part of the global communication project, consent form: This is an easy to understand consent form about our project. Tell us about your communication problem and how this makes life hard. We would like to share it with others and make everyone aware about communication problems.

Alternatively you could fill in and send us this consent form.

Sign the ICP Universal Declaration of Communication Rights pledge.

Share what communication means to you using this template – take a photo and share it on your website, or via social media.


Step-by-Step Guide to the Media: A guide on how to put together a story about the ICP for your local media.

Step-by-Step Guide to Meeting Politicians: A guide on how to talk about the ICP with your MP, including a letter template to request a meeting with your local MP.

Guide to Mic: Mic is the face of ICP activity in New Zealand and will be waking his way through the country. This is your Essential Guide to ICP Activities in NZ during Mic’s Tour of NZ.


Watch the first hangout for ICP here:


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