Expert Adviser Information

Meet our Expert Advisers

Ann Smaill - Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Anna Miles - Adult Dysphagia

Emily Jones – Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing

Maegan VanSolkema – Traumatic Brain Injury

Sally Kedge - Vulnerable Children and Youth

Shannon Hennig - Autism and Neurodiversity

Expert Adviser Contacts

Expert Advisers – Role Description

Expert Advisers to the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association

The role of Expert Adviser is one which is highly valued by the NZSTA, the membership and our communities.  An Expert Adviser is someone with a clinical or non-clinical area of expertise who can be called on by the association to provide an expert opinion to the Association or public on a document or policy, act as a media spokesperson, be contacted by membership on clinical and non-clinical issues as related to their area of specialism, to be involved in association working parties and to be consulted on other related areas.

You can request to become an Expert Adviser by submitting your application form together with your CV to the Professional Development portfolio holder for the Board.  The Board will review your application against the following criteria:

  • A current practising member
  • A record of good standing with the Association
  • More than 5 years’ full time experience in the nominated expert area
  • Demonstrated recognition at national level of expertise in the nominated expert area.

Expert Advisers are able to remain in the role as long they maintain the above criteria and there are no new nominations for the role at the end of the 3 year cycle.  These roles will be reviewed on a 3 year cycle by the Professional Development portfolio holder on behalf of the Board.

A potential Expert Adviser can be nominated by another member or self-nominate at any time.  The nomination process involves sending a completed application form outlining the reasons why you/this person will be good in this role, together with a current CV, through to the Professional Development Portfolio holder.

The benefits of becoming an Expert Adviser for the NZSTA are increased involvement in the Association, the potential to inform and change policy and practice, the opportunity to network with membership and other Expert Advisers and the opportunity to influence future professional development activities.  This involvement will also entitle you to Continuing Professional Development points.  You will also be able to use the title NZSTA Expert Adviser in your signature.

If you are interested, please complete the Expert Advisers Nomination Form and send this via email with your CV (see address below) or email for further information.