Awards and Grants

NZSTA Ambassador Award

This award recognises the work of members who epitomise all things NZ SLT represents and values. Click the link above to find out more.

Recipient for the 2015 year: Awarded to Bridget McArthur in 2016

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NZSTA Funding Grants

These can be for study, research, conference attendance or other purposes. Click the link above to find out more.

Recipients for the 2015 year: Awarded to Anna Miles and Beth Rees in 2016

Recipients for the 2014 year, awarded to Jane Musgrave and Janelle Irvine in 2015

Recipients for the 2013 year, awarded to Selena Donaldson and Caralyn Purvis in 2014

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Research Excellence Award (Sponsored by Stella Ward)

Founded in 2008, this award is valued at $1000. The Research Excellence Award is designed to recognise excellence in speech-language therapy research in New Zealand and is open to any member who has completed research in New Zealand in the last two years. There is an expectation that recipients of the award will share their research findings with the NZSTA membership through a publication in the New Zealand Journal of Speech-Language Therapy and/or an NZSTA conference presentation.

Recipient for the 2015 year: Awarded to Ellen Faithfull in 2016

Recipient for the 2014 year, awarded to Molly Kallesen in 2015

Recipient for the 2013 year, awarded to Anna Miles in 2014

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The Professor Sir Donald Beaven Memorial Award

The Professor Sir Donald Beaven Memorial Award is open to current postgraduate students.

Recipient for the 2015 year: Awarded to Jessamy Amm in 2016

Recipient for the 2014 year, awarded to Sarah Davies in 2015

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Marion Saunders Trust Award – Excellence in Speech-Language Therapy Practice Award

The Marion Saunders Trustees invite applications for the Marion Saunders Excellence in Speech-language Therapy Practice Award.

Value of award:
$1,000 (awarded every year of the Professional Development Symposium)

The closing date is the deadline for abstract submission to the symposium.

This award is open to all NZSTA members who have had a presentation accepted at the NZSTA Professional Development Symposium. This runs every second year.

This award is for an innovative project that has clinical/practice application and impact within the New Zealand context. Your written abstract, and presentation at the Professional Development Symposium, needs to highlight how it achieves these criteria.

Recipients for the 2014 year, awarded in 2015 were: 

Roz Young

Jannelle Irvine

Voon Pang

Sharne Lucas

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Awards Made by Nominations from the Universities

The Clinical Field Supervisors Award and Student Achievement Awards will be determined by the Heads of Programme and Clinical Directors at Massey University, the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury.

Clinical Field Supervisor’s Service Award

New in 2007, this award is provided in partnership with the Clinical Directors from the three New Zealand NZSTA accredited programmes. The award, worth $900, is specifically designed for therapists who demonstrate excellent field supervision by offering frequent placement opportunities for students, demonstrate innovation and initiative in their supervision practices, and consistently uphold professional and ethical standards in their practice.  Nominees must be members of NZSTA.

Recipients for the 2015 year: Awarded to Jessica Clews and Anthony Ting in 2016

Recipient for the 2014 year, awarded to Claire Ellen-Roberts in 2015

Recipient for the 2013 year, awarded to Cheryl Palmer in 2014

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Student Achievement Award

New in 2007, these awards recognise the work of one outstanding Speech-Language Therapy student in their final year of study, from each of the three NZSTA accredited programmes in New Zealand. As part of the award, students will receive a clinical resource/s of their choice, up to a maximum of $250. Selections are made on the basis of academic achievements, clinical skills, and extra-curricular activities.  Nominees must be members of NZSTA.

Only one nomination from each University will be considered, and these must be made to the Administrator  by 1st February each year.

Recipients for the 2015 year, awarded in 2016 were:

Massey University – Simonne Edwards

The University of Auckland – Imogen McLeod

University of Canterbury – Elsye Andrews

Recipients for the 2014 year, awarded in 2015 were:

Massey University – Ruth Pologa

The University of Auckland – Dhruti Morar

University of Canterbury – Ruth Price

Recipients for the 2013 year, awarded in 2014 were:

Massey University – Macarena Franco

The University of Auckland – Rosalinda Wong

University of Canterbury – Jessica Hunter-Wilson

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Other Scholarships and Awards

Ministry of Education – Speech Language Therapy Scholarship

The Ministry of Education is offering these scholarships to both help build the capability of the speech language therapist workforce and to provide children from a range of cultural backgrounds with more culturally responsive services.  They are for:

  • $3,000 per year of study.
  • An additional $3,000 upon completion of one year of service with the Ministry of Education after graduation.
  • Full information is available at Ministry of Education Scholarships

University Scholarships

QUOTA SPA Scholarship and The Sheila Drummond Bursary

  • Applications can only be received only between 1 August and 30 December each year. For more information, click here.The scholarships are available for work in the fields of speech and hearing and include observation and discussion of methods, short-term study, or work experience in these areas or other parts of the world.
    The QUOTA SPA Scholarship is valued at $7,000. The Sheila Drummond Bursary is to the value of $4,000.

Vodafone NZ – Youth Health Fellowship

The Fellowship grant of $90,000 targets a promising mid-career researcher or practitioner with leadership potential in the youth health sector wishing to undertake study, research or a sabbatical (or a combination of these).

For more information, click here.