He Kete Whanaungatanga

Working towards Cultural Responsiveness

Ensuring that the NZSTA is a culturally safe organisation that upholds the Treaty of Waitangi is bigger than one person, it will require generations of people. Working on this premise, He Kete Whanaungatanga was established in March 2015, to support the Māori and Cultural Development portfolio and work towards ongoing cultural responsiveness within the NZSTA.

He Kete Whanaungatanga is founded on biculturalism and operationalising the Treaty of Waitangi. Therefore, the group includes Māori and tauiwi [non-Māori] speech-language therapists (SLTs) working together. We acknowledge that kaumātua should be an integral part of this group and are networking to find the right person or people to support us.


Group members (September 2018) are:

Adele Siave, Chrissy Douglas, Ellen Faithfull, Fiona Dominick, Gwen Kerrison, Karen Brewer, Kate Cook, Katrina Aitken, Marie Jardine, Nicky-Marie Hitaua, Frenee Taylor, Ruth Pologa and Waimirirangi Andrews