Giving Voice Awareness Week 2019 – “Press pause”

NZSTA Communication Access Award Nomination Form 2019

The Communication Access Award celebrates individuals and organisations who demonstrate the following Communication Accessible Principles:

  • Awareness and knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Competency
  • Information
  • Environment

You can nominate a person or organisation who demonstrates these Communication Accessible Principles using this form.

If you would like to consider ways to improve the communication accessibility of your workplace or service, our consumer groups have created the following checklist.


Awareness Week 2019 NZSTA Press Release

Please see the 2019 NZSTA Press Release for Awareness Week.

NZSLT Champions

Champion Lead:
Georgia Holibar
Communications Executive:
Shannon Hennig
Auckland Champion:
Alison Paulin
Auckland Region
Northland Champion:
Natasha Correa
Northland Region
Dunedin Champion:
Warren Cossou
Dunedin Champion:
Alison Zani

Why get involved

Passionate about the rights of people with communication and swallowing needs?

Wanting to get involved in a campaign that makes a difference today, and tomorrow?

Get behind this campaign and help spread the word – everyone has the right to life essentials.

Show how your service works in partnership to enhance lives.

Giving Voice is a vehicle for you to use to share your knowledge and experience, enabling you to be proactive in engaging with local decision makers to inform service design and innovation.

Get on board and strengthen partnerships with our clients and communities, and education, health, social, and justice colleagues.

We need all members to be Giving Voice campaigners

You can get involved by:

  • Engaging with your regional NZSTA awareness champion
  • Engaging clients and other Speech-language Therapists’ in the campaign
  • Engaging and influencing local decision-makers like local MPs
  • Feedback to NZSTA on the success of your local campaigning, as well as the usefulness of the online resources

Ideas to get you started

Show off your service: Invite local politicians to see the work you do and how important it is to your service users. Engage the directors of your organisation in the work you do to support your clients and their whanau.

Combine the campaign with existing activities planned for your service: Use the Giving Voice Aotearoa logo and brand to help promote the importance of communication in everyday life and life essentials.

Raise awareness: Raise awareness amongst your department colleagues and organisation to ensure that doctors, social workers, teachers, physios and other members of your team understand the powerful impact of appropriate communication strategies for those who want to participate, but who struggle with everyday communication.

Collaborate with other local therapists and your local NZSTA champions to run awareness raising events. The community will be interested to know what services are available.