Executive Council

The Executive Council

The six officers elected to the Executive Council are:

Professional Standards
Professional Development
Māori and Cultural Development
Member Networks

Philippa Friary


Roles and Responsibilities

  • To provide strategic leadership of NZSTA.
  • To assist and direct Executive Council members in decision making.
  • To attend to the regular administration and business details of NZSTA.
  • To oversee NZSTA finances and ensure cost effective utilisation of financial resources.
  • To ensure budgets allow for funding of key strategic tasks and organisation.
  • To ensure the NZSTA is meeting all obligations.

To contact Philippa email president@speechtherapy.org.nz

Anna Miles

Professional Standards

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To coordinate the development and maintenance of Professional Standards of Practice.
  • To inform the Executive Council regarding changes and developments that may impact on professional practice.
  • To establish and maintain networks with Allied Associations involved with Speech-Language Therapy.
  • To implement and liaise with the Ethics Committee.
  • To implement and liaise with the Programme Accreditation Council (PAC).

To contact Anna email professionalstandards@speechtherapy.org.nz

Claire Winward

Professional Development

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To facilitate the development of continuing education programs and events.
  • To implement the transfer/exchange of learning materials and joint programs between areas including keeping members informed of programs and visiting speakers.
  • To identify, and liaise with, National Advisors involved with Speech-Language Therapy.
  • To liaise with Speech Pathology Australia regarding the planning of professional development events and organising of Australasian tours for speakers.
  • To encourage development of Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • To promote and support growth of research within New Zealand via NZSTA funding and awards.
  • To oversee implementation of Continuing Professional Development Records, and to evaluate data from these records to assist in planning for professional development events.

To contact Claire email professionaldevelopment@speechtherapy.org.nz

Jodi White

Member Networks

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To act in the best interests of the members of the NZSTA
  • To liaise with and support area representatives, student representatives and private practice representative
  • To ensure that all members have access to timely, informative and relevant information concerning the profession and the NZSTA
  • To promote and increase membership
  • To encourage members to positively promote the profession
  • To contribute to the ongoing development of the NZSTA website
  • To provide support to all members of the Executive Council

To contact Jodi email membernetworks@speechtherapy.org.nz

Annette Rotherham


Roles and Responsibilities

  • To promote public awareness of Speech-Language Therapy and communication/swallowing disorders.
  • To promote NZSTA as the ‘voice’ of the Speech-Language Therapy profession in New Zealand, and to raise Speech-Language Therapists’ awareness of the benefits of NZSTA membership.
  • Communication with NZSTA Representatives on National Bodies.
  • Liaison with external agencies (e.g. Members of Parliament) jointly with the President.
  • Collate and update information for the media database.
  • Creation and distribution of media releases, in conjunction with the President.

To contact Annette email communications@speechtherapy.org.nz

Renee Taylor

Maori and Cultural Development

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Māori and Cultural Development Portfolio
  • Facilitate bicultural partnership within the NZSTA and the SLT profession, as per the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Promote cultural safety within the NZSTA and the SLT profession
  • Promote cultural diversity within the NZSTA and the SLT profession
  • Promote and support the growth of a culturally and ethnically diverse SLT workforce

To contact Renee email culturaldevelopment@speechtherapy.org.nz